Monday, November 06, 2006

Back To The Front


Oranger "Shutdown The Sun"

Oranger "Mike Love Not War" (live)

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Can you believe I've been doing this stupid blog since May 2006? Hard to fathom, I know. The very first entry on Pop Zeus! was about Oranger. And I think it's high time to revisit that fantastic band.

Actually, these two tracks are from earlier Oranger records than the original post was about. It's because I bought the newer one first, then went back and bought the old ones. I have to say that since I first picked up Oranger's 'New Comes And Goes' I have almost worn the cd out. It is on constant rotation in my house and especially my car and i'm still not sick of it. Nevertheless I thought it was about time I bought their older record, 'Shutdown The Sun'. While it hasn't grabbed my by the nutsack the way 'New Comes And Goes' did, it's starting to seriously grow on me.


What is this with this band having the title track of the record being the best song? Usually the "title track" is the weakest song. Okay, fifty percent of the time. It's hit otr miss. But Oranger never seems to miss. Attached to the re-issue (i'm guessing) of 'Shutdown The Sun' is a 34 track bonus disc called 'From the Ashes of Electric Elves' which is a collection of older material. It would be worth buying on its own for the inclusion of a live version of "Mike Love Not War" alone. But hey, i'm a big fan of bonus discs. Bonus tacos are nice, too.


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