Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fun In The 80s Sun

Sunday is (usually) TV Theme Song here at Pop Zeus!


Gary Stockdale "Jumpin' The Gun"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

But today I'd like to talk about the films of Andy Sidaris. Sidaris has been the director, writer, and producer of twelve films since 1985. He has a simple plan for his films: babes, bombs and bullets. In fact, that's the name of the 12 DVD collection of his films that i've recently acquired. I remember watching these films as a young man on Skinemax and being thrilled that some filmmaker was finally getting the point. If you're going to make a cheap action movie with boobs, CUT TO THE CHASE!

No one wants to watch one of these movies where a bunch of bad actors talk about dossiers and homing devices aimlessly for 80 minutes and the last ten minutes have some pathetic explosion. We want something to happen EVERY TWO MINUTES. That's why you're on cable. Well Sidaris gets the point in the movies i've watched so far. Although I am thinking of doing my own cut of all of his films chopped down to just thirty minutes of his best scenes. Until then, enjoy this scene from 'Picasso Trigger' and understand what i'm talking about immediately. There's a reason why Joe Bob Briggs loved these movies so much.

And of course every film had its own wonderfully cheesy theme song. "Picasso Trigger" is no exception. "Jumpin' The Gun" was performed by Gary Stockdale, and according to the film's credits it was written by Stockdale and two other guys. That's right, it took THREE PEOPLE to write this song. Bask in the 1980s glow.

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