Monday, October 09, 2006

Slapped By The Mastodong

blood mountain

Mastodon "Bladecatcher"

Mastodon "Colony Of Birchmen"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Seriously. There is no one rocking harder than Mastodon right now. Ever since I heard my first song by them ("March Of The Fire Ants" from 'Remission') I knew they were going to be one of my favorite current bands. They dare to mix prog with straight up metal. Okay, it's been done before, but it's never ROCKED like this. Mastodon will come to your house, kick your ass, get you fucked up, then make you coffee and kick your ass again. I'm not kidding. They came to my house and did that!

Mastodon is also progressing musically with every record i hear by them. On their latest release, 'Blood Mountain', the guitars make you dizzy and the drums make you seriously consider that drummer Brann Dailor might just be a cyborg or sorts. On "Bladecatcher" (the name alone is bad ass) the guitars spiral over drum fills thought impossible by most mortals.

"Colony Of Birchmen" (once again a thrilling title) employs the help of Josh Homme, celebrity dickhead and former Kyuss member, the band that I USED to think rocked until I heard Mastodon. Homme adds his usually gloomy doomy vocal stylings to the more straight ahead rocker. Does the song need him? No. It rocks enough already. In fact the song may not even need Mastodon anymore. Its become its own entity. In fact right now the song "Colony Of Birchmen" is threatening to destroy the eastern seaboard. Look out Utica!


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