Monday, October 09, 2006

Corporate Whores Make Good, Film At Eleven


Silversun Pickups "Lazy Eye"

Silversun Pickups "Well Thought Out Twinkles"

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I was torn when it came to giving the Silversun Pickups the benefit of a listen. Two friends whose musical taste I greatly admire gave me polar opposite reviews. One said they were a great, innovative band who was not to be missed live, and the other said they were just some corporate shill band put together by record executives. The band being from L.A., i leaned toward believing the latter. But one day during one of my weekly raping of my bank account at Amoeba Records, I decided to pick up their record 'Carnavas'.

Seeing as i'm writing about them here, its obvious that I agreed with the first friend. They may be from L.A. and they may be corporate whores, but they remind me of the good old days of 90s alternative rock, plain and simple. The driving fuzz behind "Well Thought Out Twinkles" opens the record, harkening back to a time when every band wanted to sound like Nirvana, but no one ever got it right. The way the guitar devastates everything in the mix when it comes in leads me to believe that these pigs suckling at the teat of the corporate monster believe in at least one thing: keep it simple.

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