Thursday, September 28, 2006

On A Label That's Unstable


Fat Lip "What's Up Fat Lip?"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

The problem with hip hop these days is that there's not enough self conscious rappers. Sure Kanye refererred to it in "All Falls Down" (we all self conscious/i'm just the first to admit it), but he wasn't the first after all. Fat Lip, formerly of the Pharcyde, penned his ode to being a buster far before West ever alluded to it. Check out the great music video directed by Spike Jonze which is what turned me on to the song in the first place.

Jonze's excellent music video collection dvd, The Work Of Sike Jonze, contains a great piece on the making of Fat Lip's video as well as some insight on the lyrics of the song. Fat Lip is at confessional here, discussing his living at home with moms, failure to secure a recording contract, a one off homosexual experience and his pondering taking a job at Pizza Hut. Say what you will about other rappers' "realness", but Fat Lip truly is an open book.


Anonymous JamesC said...

absolutely one of the great cuts. Humor and self deprication in the face of hard times is great, but most importantly even with the relatively slow pace Fatlip is spitting complete fire with the smooth as silk tempo changes ... "on the flipside when you washed up like a riptide"

"Choppin' bliggy on the table"

6:11 AM PST  

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