Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Have No Idea What's Going On


Chris Ledoux "Amarillo By Morning"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

I first heard "Amarillo By Morning" in some movie, I don't remember what it was. If anyone knows what movie it's from please let me know. I don't know much about Chris Ledoux except for the fact that based on the content of all of his songs he must have spent some time working as a real cowboy. Other than that I know nothing tangible about the man.

In fact, this song may or may not even exist. I think perhaps I dreamt it. There's no such song as "Amarillo By Morning"! Now i'm scared.


Blogger Keith said...

You probably heard the version recorded by George Strait, which is much more famous (and a little better, actually). Not sure what movie it might be from, but Strait actually was in a movie sometime in the mid-90's, so maybe that was it.

10:44 PM PDT  

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