Monday, October 09, 2006

Still Sweet, But With A Bitter Aftertaste


Lemonheads "Pittsburgh"

Lemonheads "Become The Enemy"

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Hot on the heels of my 'Hate Your Friends' post a few weeks back, the Lemonheads are back! I will admit I had a special fondness for their records back in high school, particularly 'Come On Feel The Lemonheads'. So when I read that there was a new Lemonheads record I was intrigued. What intrigued me even more was when I found out Evan Dando's new band was comprised of former members of the Descendents and that the album would be released on Vagrant Records. A return to the form of 'Hate Your Friends', perhaps?

Well, no, but a return to form nonetheless. 'Lemonheads' is a mixed bag. Dando has never been lauded as a genius lyricist, although he had his clever moments here and there (If i was a booger/would you blow yr nose?). Now I just got this record and have listened to it maybe twice, but I can pretty much say that the two tracks here are the only ones I like off the record. When Dando starts trying to write country songs like "Baby's Home" (i think that was the one. I told you I only listened to it twice!) I turn off. But "Pittsburgh" reminds me of the good old days, kind of like "Rest Assured '06". I'll let you all know individually if my opinion changes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dando didn't write Baby's Home. Tom Morgan did. Why not read the liner notes before you review a record?

5:20 PM PDT  
Blogger dusted21 said...

who are you my 9th grade english teacher?

4:48 PM PDT  
Anonymous manuel said...

well, if you feel like criticizing Dando's songwriting it's not the worst idea to check if he actually wrote the song in question.

3:58 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just look at those teeth.

What's happening? . . . What's Happening? . . AAARGGGGHHHHH!!!!

11:15 AM PDT  

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