Sunday, October 22, 2006

How I Spent College


Spent "Minty Ballard"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Back in college I was solidly rooted in geeky indie rock. I never wore horn rimmed glasses or trucker hats but I loved the music. I still do. In film school I was assigned a video project, which I procrastinated until the last second of course. The day before I was supposed to go into the editing room with my footage I scrambled to shoot something. I ended up shooting various things around my bedroom (a basement) and do some crude stop motion animation with Star Wars action figures. There's some Marvel Comics guys in there too I'm pretty sure.

Once in the editing room I realized I didn't know what I'd be cutting this stuff to, so I looked in my backpack and found the only CD in there, Spent's 'Songs Of Drinking And Rebellion". I chose my favorite track, "Minty Ballard" and went from there. I added some footage from an old kid's show, the "New Zoo Revue", dropped in some other shit, and there it was. A work of outsider art to behold. And now that i've exhumed it from it's dusty grave, it's yours to behold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice job.

reminds me of sonic youth video - like macbeth - but with spent playing.

9:58 AM PST  

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