Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Comes And Goes


  • Oranger "New Comes And Goes"

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    McCULLOUGH's MP3 OF THE WEEK: 03.01.2006

    Title: "New Comes And Goes"
    Artist: Oranger
    Album: New Comes And Goes
    Year: 2005

    I heard about Oranger through a friend of mine. He used to live up in the Bay Area (where they hail from) and is old friends with them. I've only ever heard the scattered single here and there by them, but my friend swears by them. So I finally caved and bought their latest record. Well, it rocks.

    Oranger plays standard pop music. Or at least what I think standard pop music should sound like. Despite my aversion to keyboards, their use of them works. Keyboards working in a song for me are rare, unless you're Gary Numan. Or "Jump" by Van Halen.

    The song 'New Comes And Goes' may not be the hardest rocking song on the record, but it's the track that immediately jumped out at me, grabbed me by the throat and screamed "PLAY ME REPEATEDLY UNTIL YOU HATE ME AND CAN NEVER LISTEN TO ME AGAIN!". It hasn't come to that point yet, but i'm getting there. Enjoy!

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