Friday, January 19, 2007

The Monster? You Guessed It. Frank Stallone.


Sound Team "Movie Monster"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Sound Team hails from Austin, TX. Yeah I know what you're saying. There are bands that perform and reside in Austin? It sounded crazy to me too at first. Seems to me like there aren't that many venues for them to perform in there. Well, apparently there are. I will now take my tongue, that its firmly planted inside my cheek, and rest it back on my... uh, tongue pad.

It seems like after I compile my "best of" for whatever year, the next week I discover about twenty more band that probably shouldn't have been on there. Since I don't really read a lot of other music blogs (besides the Record Robot, Post Punk Junk, and So Much Silence) I still discover my music the old fashioned way. By word of mouth, the printed word, or as is the case with Sound Team, getting an iTunes gift card.

Let me explain, I was looking for something to buy with this iTunes gift card, but instead of just buying an entire album I decided to just peruse single tracks until I reached the limit of the card. So I started with bands that I currently love like Oranger and the Clean, and navigated through the world of pretentious indie rock via the "listeners also bought" option. Oh what a wonderful world we live in. And to think for years I used to just buy entire records without even having heard them. Well I still do that actually, but I've got a pretty good gage on whether or not I'm going to like something before I buy it. Of course theres always the exception. I'm looking at YOU, The Rapture's Pieces Of The People We Love!

Oh yeah, so Sound Team is great. Reminds me of Spoon kinda. Hey another Austin band! Jeez what are the odds?!?!


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