Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Die By The Sword

the sword

The Sword "Freya"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

So whilst home inn Chicago for the holidays, I got a chance to play the video game "Guitar Hero", my nephew got it for christmas. What can I say besides this is the greatest video game I have ever played for two days and then got completely sick of. It was a good run though. But a funny thing happened while wailing on the red and green buttons, I discovered a song, and a band, that actually rocked!

Now I know that we've all read how video games are changing the face of the music industry, blah blah. But the fact is its rare that I've heard a song outside of Grand Theft Auto that was new to me and I wanted to hear again. Usually these games are chock full of flavor of the month, Debbie Gibson-sounding emo groups.

But somewhere in the middle levels of Guitar Hero I got to play "Freya" by The Sword, and I was enthralled. Here was some serious Sabbath-esque riffing on top with little or no modern production tricks that seem to plague all heavy metal songs these days. No, "Freya" brings metal back to its roots. Plus it was easier to play on Guitar Hero than "Bark At The Moon". Jesus that song was hard.



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