Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Best Of 2006, pt. 2


Disc Two of the best of 2006:

Kevin McCullough's
[disc two]

01. All For U [3:28] Aceyalone w/ RJD2
from the LP The Magnificent City [Decon Inc]
02. Pittsburgh [2:55] The Lemonheads
from the LP Lemonheads [Vagrant Records]
03. Bloodhounds On My Trail [3:58] The Black Angels
from the LP Passover [Light In The Attic Records]
04. This Is A Lovesong [2:58] The Horror, The Horror
from the LP The Horror, The Horror [Tapete]
05. 155 [3:40] Die!Die!Die!
from the Die!Die!Die! Myspace page [www.myspace.com/diediedienz]
06. Wolf Like Me [4:39] TV On The Radio
from the LP Return To Cookie Mountain [Interscope Records]
07. Jakov's Suite [4:37] Tapes 'N Tapes
from the LP The Loon [XL Records]
08. Harrowdown Hill [4:36] Thom Yorke
from the LP The Eraser [XI Recordings]
09. Fairly Blacking Out [3:18] The Takeovers
from the LP Turn To Red [Luna Records]
10. Reena [3:47] Sonic Youth
from the LP Rather Ripped [Geffen Records]
11. Half Dead [3:26] The Mountain Goats
from the LP Get Lonely [4AD Records]
12. The Wolf Is Loose [3:34] Mastodon
from the LP Bloosd Mountain [Relapse]
13. Empathy On A Stick [1:10] The Ladies
from the LP They Mean Us [Temporary Residence]
14. Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby [2:31] Islands
from the LP Return To The Sea [Equator]
15. Saturday Mansions [3:02] The Doleful Lions
from the LP Song Cyclops, Vol. 2 [Parasol Records]
16. He's A Deep Deep Lake [5:02] Film School
from the LP Film School [Beggar's Banquet US]
16. Dangerous Men [1:55] John S. Rad
from the website dangerousmenthemovie.com

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