Monday, January 01, 2007

The Best Of 2006, pt. 1


Well it's the end of 2006 and the first New Year's celebration here at Pop Zeus! I consider anyone who reads this a friend of mine, but if you're not a PHYSICAL friend of mine then I didn't give you your christmas present. My best of 2006 compilation disc. I've been giving them out for six years now and starting in 2005 it became a double disc. Well if you didn't get one don't fret (I chinsed out on the artwork this year anyhow. too busy!), I'm presenting it to you here on Pop Zeus!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Kevin McCullough's
[disc one]

01. The Funeral [5:22] Band Of Horses
from the LP Everything All The Time [Sub Pop Records]
02. Well Thought Out Twinkles [4:02] Silversun Pickups
from the LP Carnavas [Dangerbird Records]
03. Rhoda Rhoda [1:49] Robert Pollard
from the LP Normal Happiness [Merge Records]
04. Don't Speak (I Came To Make A Bang!) [2:47] Eagles Of Death Metal
from the LP Death By Sexy [Downtown]
06. Let's Get Out Of This Country [3:21] Camera Obscura
from the LP Let's Get Out Of This Country [Sub Pop]
07. The Overviewer [3:56] Kool Keith
from the LP Project Polaroid [Threshhold]
08. Waterloo Crescent [2:52] Swearing At Motorists
from the LP Last Night Becomes This Morning [Secretly Canadian]
09. Ice Age [3:02] Birdmonster
from WOXY.com Lounge Acts 6/16/06
10. The Pot [6:26] Tool
from the LP 10000 Days [Volcano Records]
11. Another Sunny Day [4:04] Belle And Sebastian
from the LP The Life Pursuit [Matador Records]
12. Beanbag Chair [3:02] Yo La Tengo
from the LP I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass [Matador]
13. The Book I Write [2:13] Spoon
from the Soundtrack LP Stranger Than Fiction [Sony]
14. Underwater [2:03] Ghostface Killah
from the LP Fishscale [Def Jam]
15. TV Dinner [3:11] The Oohlas
from the LP Best Stop Pop [Stolen Transmission]
16. Goin' Against Your Mind [8:42] Built To Spill
from the LP You In Reverse [Warner Bros]

DiscTwo coming tommorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Kevin,

What's track 8? I think you've got the tags mixed up a bit.

Thanks dude!

3:27 PM PST  
Blogger Kevin said...

track 8 is Swearing At Motorists. as far as i can tell the list is right, but i didnt check every single one.

5:21 PM PST  

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