Sunday, December 17, 2006

Patiently Awaiting Mr. Belding's Sex Tape

Sunday is TV theme song day here at Pop Zeus!


Saved By The Bell theme song

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Well in "honor" of Dustin Diamond's recently released sex tape (Watch if you dare), this week's TV theme song is "Saved By The Bell". I will go on record by saying that even though I've probably seen every episode of this show, I absolutely detest it. It was on every day after school when I got home and I would watch it and question myself for watching such an idiotic show. But i still watched it every day. It has some sort of hypnotic tractor beam on my mind. I've sat through them all, from Casey Kasem doing "the sprain" to buddy bracelets to Jesse's addiction to caffeine pills ("I'm so excited! I'm so...S C A R E D !!!). I even watched all of the "college years" series. And yet I don't know why. And I STILL watch it. In fact, I'm watching it right now.

And now I get to watch Screech get it on with the two biggest hoes in the universe. Sometimes I curse the internets. Funny Screech story: One of my friend's older brothers went to college with Screech. Apparently they were playing a game of pickup basketball in the park one day and Screech came up and tried to get into the game. He was barraged with insults and "Get the fuck out of here Screech, you douche bag!". I felt bad for Screech. Until I saw this tape. Now I agree. He is a HUGE douche bag.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i ain't naming the dawg screech - that's for sure!


4:13 PM PST  

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