Saturday, December 02, 2006

More Cowbell

Oingo Boingo "Don't Fear The Reaper"

Recently, I was down a long dark road, with only my thoughts to accompany me. Suddenly this song came through my car's speakers. Which is odd, because I didn't even turn it on! I was forced to really pay attention to the lyrics for the very first time. On top of backing up my theory that this is a truly kick ass song, the lyrics struck me as very heavy for the first time. I then realized that I was in the movie "The Stoned Age" and I rolled down my window and slowed down to spit a hocker on Tack the Cack.


And then I realized it was OINGO BOINGO's version of the song! Turns out I was actually in the film "Back To School" and I was on my way to a house party where the Boingo was playing just as soon as I finished my term paper on Longfellow due in sexy teacher Sally Kellerman's English class. Then me and Robert Downey Jr. got in a brawl with William Zabka, the jock douche bag from EVERY 80s MOVIE EVER MADE!

back to school

But then I awoke, and he appeared. He said "don't be afraid". And I ran to him, looked backwards and said goodbye. I had taken his hand. William Zabka's hand, that is.

zabka_just one of the guys

What can I say, I love assholes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What can I say, I love assholes."

hmmm, really?

9:16 PM PST  

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