Thursday, November 30, 2006

Now Here's The Plan....

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Its been about five seconds since the last time I wrote about Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices, so I'd better make up for it with three tracks today. Just some random stuff I've been meaning to put up here for a while. If Pollard can write three of these songs while mowing his lawn, I ought to keep you up to speed on them here at Pop Zeus!

Guided By Voices "At Odds With Dr. Genesis"

"At Odds With Dr. Genesis" is one of my favorite GBV tracks ever just because it's so weird. A snippet of it can be heard on 'Bee Thousand' as the lead in to the song "Ester's Day" but this is the full version. It contains what may be my favorite lyric ever proposed in the majesty of song, "skintight buffoonery". I find a way to use that term at least once a day.

Guided By Voices "It's Only Natural" (live)

"It's Only Natural", a track from Pollard's 2004 solo record 'Fiction Man' is given the full frontal guitar attack treatment by GBV from a performance at the High Dive in Champaign, IL, 06/17/2004. That particular place happens to be where I met Bob and the boys for the very first time, although what year that was escapes me at the moment. I was pretty drunk. The song, as far as I can tell, is about male masturbation as a natural occurrence. It also features a free plug for the "camel toe website". I'm not going to put a link for that. You know where to find it.

Robert Pollard "Paradise Style"

Finally "Paradise Style", also from 'Fiction Man', features some of my favorite drumming on a Pollard track and is one of a long line of songs he's written explaining why he still does what he does. Where he gets all these melodies is anyone's guess. My theory is that he made a deal with Paul Williams (aka the DEVIL) a la "Phantom Of The Paradise". But maybe it's because I watched that the other night and I've been having odd dreams ever since.

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