Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Love Rock N Roll Radio


The Methadones "Bored Of Television"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

This one I actually heard on the RADIO, if you can believe it. That's right. FM radio. In my car. In this day and age I know thats almost an absurd thing to say but its true. I actually still listen to the radio quite a bit, though. I grew up with the format and albeit imperfect, its hard to let go of. Plus my iPod broke.

Los Angeles' "Indie" (there's nothing "independent" about it, its as corporate as they come. In fact its probably owned by Starbucks or Carls Jr) 103.1 doesn't have a lot going for it outside of Steve Jones' (of Sex Pistols fame) daily show 'Jonesy's Jukebox', where he pretty much gets free reign to play whatever he wants. Jonesy himself can be hysterically funny at times as well.

Indie 103.1 tries to gain listeners by giving celebrities their own radio shows, much like what satellite radio is doing, I guess. I try not to listen to this station when Jonesy's show isn't on. I dive for the dial when I realize i'm listening to 'Camp Freddy Radio', a show hosted by Dave Navarro (most likely shirtless, we can't be sure) and one of his many shitty bands. This chotch fest of a radio show once played THREE Bang Tango songs in one hour. I'm not kidding.

So anyway, now that you're up to speed with the program format, I was listening to 103.1 and in between tracks by Wolfmother and some whiny Debbie Gibson singer emo shit they played this track by the Methadones, off their 2004 LP Not Economically Viable. At first I thought it was a song from that new Cheap Trick record, and when I got home I actually looked up the station's playlist online (great that you can do this these days) and discovered Chicago punk outfit the Methadones. Much like the Vindictives, the Methadones contain ex-members of Screeching Weasel. Seems they kept the rock n roll and got rid of the whiny bitch singing. The end result is a perfectly good radio track. Now if only they would let the DJs play what they want for a mass audience.


Anonymous Rockwell said...

DJs playing what they want?

How quaint. Wouldn't that be like time travel? Impossible? No?

Oh, sorry... you would need time travel for that: back to the era of progressive radio.

Or better yet... the new environment where everyone gets a podcast. With a few notable exceptions (Jonesy's show as you point out) radio is dead. Hell, even someone like me has their own podcast.

7:14 PM PST  

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