Monday, January 22, 2007

Be A Bear


Descendents "I Wanna Be A Bear"

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Well, we did it. I feel privileged to say that the Chicago Bears are in the super bowl. One more game to go, and I don't feel an ounce of regret when I say I know we can beat the Colts. They're certainly not indestructible.

I will spend the next two weeks at cat like readiness, ignoring the meida's blatant disrespect for all Chicago sports teams while they heap praise and practically hand the trophy over to "I throw my teammates, coaching staff and fans under the bus every time something goes wrong" qolden boy quarterback Peyton Manning.

The Bears will practice in silence. Watching game film and planning their attack. And on February 4th they will surprise everyone. Then me and my friends will spray champagne all over each other, and I will shed tears for a sports team for the first time since, well, two years ago when the White Sox won the world series.

Bear down, Chicago Bears.


Bear down indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mentioned Da Bears Bus earlier? Check THIS out: www.dabearsbus1.com

And then look in their archives. 2006 week 4 has a picture of the hood of the bus (nice); and, 2006 week 3 is rather tasteful.

7:37 PM PST  

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