Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Can't Drive 155

die die die

Die!Die!Die! "155"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

It's been a while since my last Die!Die!Die! post. If you don't remember, let me bring you up to speed. They're a three piece from New Zealand who create the sound of pure energy, and although their recordings are superb (their debut LP was produced by infamous dickhead Steve Albini), they pale in comparison to their live performance. Unfortunately they spend most of their time touring the other side of the planet, so I don't get a lot of chances to see them.

Two new songs have been added to Die!Die!Die!'s Myspace page, one being "155", a frenzied 3 minute 40 second attack, and the other being "Blue Skies", which I remember hearing them play live and wish to obtain the mp3 of but unfortunately I can't download it from Myspace. I suggest you go over there right now and listen to it, because it's fantabulous.

What's up with that? Am i the only one who frequently has trouble downloading songs from that site even though it says they're downloadable? Okay well they don't use the word "downloadable". That's just a word I use that doesn't make sense. Like "unpause". As in "Asshole why did you unpause it?!? I was on the phone!".

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

all you gotta do is dl a program that captures the streaming audio...I will be doing that with the new die die die songs if the dl doesnt work... thx!

12:33 PM PST  
Blogger dusted21 said...

really? what would such a program be called per chance?

12:55 PM PST  
Blogger Tony said...

HA HA KEVIN. They never told you. Moded!!

3:34 PM PDT  

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