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Shyness Will Get You Nowhere

Die!Die!Die! 03

  • Die!Die!Die! "Shyness Will Get You Nowhere"

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    Title: "Shyness Will Get You Nowhere"
    Artist: Die! Die! Die!
    Album: Die! Die! Die! LP
    Year: 2005

    Of all the magnificent things I heard and saw at this year's South By Southwest in Austin (and there was a LOT), Die! Die! Die! is the band that stood out most to me. They're the only band i saw twice at the festival, once in the backyard of some shitty hole in the wall bar, and again at their showcase on the patio of some hip hop club. I guess they got the short end when it came to venue selection, but these places actually suited their style well. Their performances were raw and unpredictable, at one point the singer climbed over a ten foot wall and continued singing from the other side.

    A New Zealand three piece band, they looked to me to be about seventeen years old, which would explain the energy these guys have. I was so impressed that i went to (what i think is) the only place to buy their records, smokecds.com, a New Zealand site for buying local artists's stuff. I paid an arm and a leg to have it shipped halfway around the planet, but it was worth it.

    Their LP, Die! Die! Die! (I also bought an EP of the same name, these guys need to start naming their albums) was produced by Steve Albini (?!), and it captures the passion and energy of their live performance. There isn't a song on here that goes over three minutes, and i like that. Everything is powerful and concise. Wasted time on things like song structure and meandering guitar solos are absent from this record. My guess is that these kids listen to alot of Fugazi and Nirvana, but their Myspace page cites The Fall, The Smiths, Led Zeppelin and The Dead C as influences. Fair enough. They also listed Leo Sayer! Just kidding. Or am i?

    The song here, "Shyness Will Get You Nowhere" is a good example of what's contained in the record. Although it just may be the "lightest" song on there. Something about this song struck a cord in me. I guess i've encountered a few people in my life that i'd like to scream "I DON'T TRUST YOU!" in their face. Simple is the best way to convey an emotion, especially when there's distress and desparation in it. This record sets its cruise control at 180 mph, and never lets up. Perfect for high school kids everywhere.

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