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When I Goosestep


  • The Shins "When I Goosestep"

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    McCULLOUGH's MP3 OF THE WEEK 005: 03.27.2006

    Title: "When I Goosestep"
    Artist: The Shins
    Album: Wicker Park Soundtrack
    Year: 2004

    No. I have not seen the movie 'Wicker Park.' And no. I don't plan to, either. I didn't even know that the 'Wicker Park' soundtrack is where this track hails from until I did some research on it. When I found that out, I was aghast, but quickly I understood. Of course the Shins are on this soundtrack. The movie looks like a poor man's 'Garden State' (which, i DID see, and didn't care for). It has Josh Hart-Net. This dude is a tool. Don't deny me. I am right about this. I don't care if he WAS in 'Black Hawk Down' (which i did care for), he is a chotch.

    I don't think that Josh Hart-Net is too into the Shins. Oh sure, if you mentioned them to him, he'd say "Oh yeah, brah. I totally dig the group. They are TIGHT". See, chotches use words like "brah" and "tight". I peg Josh Hart-Net as more of a Jack Johnson fan. He is probably listening to the 'Curious George' soundtrack right now. That or whatever is currently playing at the Alpha Beta frat house party. Rusted Root, maybe(I don't wish to offend anyone who is a fan of these artists, and I am not putting them down in any way. Yr music is yr music, and it's important to everyone. I'm simply implying what may or may be on Josh Hart-Net's playlist, I couldn't find it on iTunes).

    But this post is not about Josh Hart-Net (entirely). The Shins are a great band and I'm sure most of you have heard of them. I'm sure whatever they release next will be a smashing success, and they deserve it. They write songs with interesting subject matter (to me, anyway). One of their songs is about how people act like it's "creepy" to "care", that is that society frowns upon people showing passion for anything in basic human interaction. Like if we were at the water cooler and I started talking about how beautiful a painting i saw was. Would it "creep" you out?

    My take on this song is that it's about kind of a shallow girly-girl seeing a guy who at first comes of like a spaz (don't get into it with me when i goosestep), only to realize that people eccentricities are what endear us to each other (and that it matters more than what you saw with yr eyes). Again, my take only, interpret it how you will.

    'When I Goosestep' was probably not written with the movie "Wicker Park" in mind. People putting together film soundtracks usually just comb the cutting room floor of every recording studio in town until they have enough tracks to legally call it an "album", but this track stands out. Kind of a stripped down take on their usual fare, as James Mercer's trademark vocal soars with keyboards scattered throughout. It's a good song. Just ask Josh Hart-Net.

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