Saturday, June 10, 2006

Turn that shit OFF!


  • Modey Lemon "Trapped Rabbits"

  • [right click to download]

    I'm into long songs. There was a bar back in Chicago (Joe Bailley's, don't try to look for it it's not there anymore) that had the best of the Velvet Underground cd in their jukebox. Every time I went in there I would play 'Sister Ray', which clocks in at about twenty minutes. It would never make it to the end. Some aggravated bartender would always pull the plug and yell "Who keeps putting this on?!?"

    This is by far the longest file i've put up here so far. Modey Lemon is a noisy three piece straight outta Pittsburgh. The jury is out on whether or not they have ever played a show with the Vicksburgs. Nevertheless, "Trapped Rabbits" is the closer to their sensational record "The Curious City", and plain and simple, it's just a bad motherfuckin jam.

    So if you've got some time on yr hands, download this and jam out. Maybe while yr listening to it you can refile yr taxes or re-organize your underpants drawer. If I ever own a bar, this song is going on the jukebox, and so are yr underpants.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ever listen to the joy division version of sister ray? it rules. by the way - we have a sister ray records in our town. funny thing - the guy HATES the vu and refuses to sell any vu.

    9:44 PM PDT  
    Blogger dusted21 said...

    is sister ray records STILL in that mall?

    11:53 PM PDT  

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