Thursday, June 08, 2006

ANYTHING but Live In Lovin Maid...

  • Guided By Voices "Titus And Strident Wet Nurse" (live)

  • [right click to download, ctrl click if yr a mac!]]

    If you know me, you'll know that my favorite band of all time is Guided By Voices. It has been for a long time. The mighty mighty GBV is no longer with us, but it's leader Robert Pollard is still putting out a ridiculous amount of new music all the time. It's been said he can write six songs while sitting on the toilet, and three of them would be good.


    I guess the reason I like them so much is that they're a phase I started and never got sick of. I've ben throught all the typical phases, Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, etc. I listened to so much Led Zeppelin in grade school and high school that I probably nevr have to hear them again. In high school I used to drive an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (relax ladies, I don't have it anymore) with a tape deck. One day I put Led Zeppelin II in the tape deck and it got stuck. It was stuck for 16 months. And you couldn't even listen to the radio. If you wanted sound to come out of the speakers, it HAD TO BE LED ZEPPELIN II. Every time I hear any song from that record now I cringe a little bit.

    Guided By Voices has a LARGE catalogue to choose from, but this has been my favorite song of theirs for a while now. It comes from a compilation called Colonel Jefferey Pumpernickel, and this version comes from Baltimore, MD on May 19, 2001. They really only played this for a few months while they were on that tour, so it's kind of a rarity I guess. I just remember seeing them in Anaheim and they opened with this song. And before the set Robert Pollard, already visibly altered, screamed "Let's get drunk Disneyland!".

    So I did.



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