Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Things that terrified me as a child, Part 88


  • Judas Priest "Painkiller"

  • [right click to download]

    So I caught a little bit of the VH1 Rock Honors show. I only saw part of it. Here are some thoughts. Jaime Presley is a skank. I never stopped hating Def Leppard (although their Vh1 movie WAS entertaining), and PRIEST IS STILL BAD ASS. I feel liking getting together with my friends to make a banner that says "Turbo" to hold up at their concert. Not my friend Timmy though, he died. Although Timmy LOVED Judas Priest.


    I thought i'd share with you one of my favorite Priest tracks. I remember seeing the video for "Painkiller" when I was very young, and it was the first metal video that actually scared me. It was probably the music more than anything else. It didn't get more metal than this, and I had never heard anything like it before. Its funny how the things that scared you when you were young you grow up to embrace. Like Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". My older brothers used to scare me shitless with that song when I was a kid. My brother would say "I am IRON MAN!" through a box fan at me when I wasn't paying attention and it would terrify me.


    I also think it was around this time that Priest was involved in that lawsuit where the parent's said their album made some dudes shoot themselves. I found this to be ridiculous later on, but at the time of the "Painkiller" video, I believed it a little bit. So in my opinion these guys were coming straight from Satan's front door (or in the case of singer Rob Halford, the back door), and they SOUNDED like it.

    So enjoy "Painkiller", don't get too scared. It's just a song.

    Or is it?


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