Monday, May 29, 2006

Pidgeon Will Kill You

Pidgeon @ SXSW 2006

Pidgeon "Six Minutes In The Sun"

Pidgeon "Stolen Compressed"

Pidgeon "You Send Me"

[right click to download]

You would think I've run out of awesome bands I saw at SXSW by now. It's like, I know, lt it go right? We all know you had good time, Kevin. we get it, we're jealous, it's great. Well i'm sorry but I just can't help that.

Pidgeon is from San Francisco. They have sort of a Pixies thing going on, but not exactly. They've got their own thing going on as well. It's abrasive and melodic at the same time. And when I saw them in Austin, their singer told me to go fuck myself. So then I did. Then I came home and wrote this. Ew.

"Stolen Compressed" is an amalgamation of songs you'll probably recognize if you have good taste. "Six Minutes In The Sun" is the melodic punk tune and it's topped of with a version of Sam Cooke's "You Send Me". The male and female singers bridge a long gap between sweetness and madness. And obviously they have a good attitude towards people, especially me, which is always a big plus.

  • Pidgeon Official Website

    Blogger [nANa] try to be bLo99eR said...

    do you have the lyrics of pidgeon songs?

    9:21 PM PDT  
    Blogger dusted21 said...

    I don't. But you might want to contact them thru their Myspace page. They're really friendly from what I hear...

    9:16 AM PDT  

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