Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wicked Fine Ladies


The Ladies "Empathy On A Stick"
The Ladies "Nice Chaps, Buddy"
The Ladies "So Much For The Fourth Wall"

The Ladies are comprised of two members of Pinback and Hella, bands i'm not totally unfamiliar with, but I haven't heard a whole lot of either. Hella is an instrumental outfit that makes challenging rock music with weird time signatures, courtesy of drummer Zack Hill, who is a member of the Ladies. Pinback, an indie pop band, offers up Rob Crow to round out the Ladies.

The Ladies should not be confused with the Barenaked Ladies, a canadian band that sucks mountie cock. No, the Barenaked Ladies could never write a song like "Empathy On A Stick", that challenges me every time I listen to it and yet has a very catchy melody. The only thing I remember about the Barenaked Ladies is that fellow canadian Jason Priestley made a movie about them. I rest my case.

I've read somewhere that the Ladies' record combines the math rock of Hella with the pop sensibilities. From what I've heard of either group, I imagine this is a valid point. On songs like "So Much For The Fourth Wall" it sounds like there are three sets of drums playing at the same time. It's musicianship at it's best, albeit hard to listen to at times. A lot like NECROPHAGIST, actually.

And just so I cannot be blamed for false advertising, here is a photograph of some actual "wicked fine ladies".

wicked fine ladies


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