Tuesday, May 16, 2006

One Big Happy Family (On Heroin)


The Velvet Underground spawned many imitators (just ask the Black Angels). It was once said that everyone who ever heard the VU started their own band, or words to that effect. The closest you can come to the VU is to cover them. Which brings us to today's post.

Built To Spill "What Goes On"
R.E.M. "There She Goes Again"
Jane's Addiction "Rock N Roll"
Yo La Tengo "I'm Set Free"
David Bowie "White Light/White Heat"
Nirvana "Here She Comes Now
The Feelies "White Light/White Heat"
Rilo Kiley "After Hours"
David Bowie "Waiting For The Man"

Here is a mini album of the best Velvet Underground covers rock music has seen. David Bowie, no stranger to Velvets covers, gets two here, solely because he does it the best. Probably because he and Lou Reed were said to be, er, "tight". His rockin version of "Waiting For The Man" comes from a performance in Santa Monica in 1972. The other, "White Light/White Heat" comes from the tremendous "Bowie At The Beeb" two-disc set, a collection of BBC sessions from the early 70s.


The rest I'll let you judge. I have always particularly enjoyed Yo La Tengo's version of "I'm Set Free", they've always had a bit of a VU feel to me. And it's not just cause they have a girl drummer. You might notice the absence of NECROPHAGIST's version of "I'll Be Your Mirror". That is because it does not exist. But I wish it did.


Blogger Little Sully said...

I've heard G.E.E.'s cover of White Light/White Heat...


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