Wednesday, May 17, 2006


meneguar 2

Meneguar "House Of Cats"
Meneguar "Kids Get Cut"
Meneguar "The Temp"

If you know me, you know that there's one fad of music I simply cannot abide. "Emo". First of all, it's the lamest term that the hype machine has ever invented. Second of all, suburban white boys with skinny, attractive (this is a prerequisite) whiny singers do NOT ROCK. I repeat, this is not rock n roll. These are simply trendsetters. If being a jock was still cool (it's coolness seems to be declining in lieu of being a homosexual in high schools across america). then they would be jocks. If being in the drama club was cool then these kids would all be wearing cardigans and quoting Samuel Clemens to one another. The deepest musical roots bands like Dashboard Confessional and Fall Out Boy have are Green Day and Blink 182. I'm going to stop listing reasons why I hate "emo" now, because I'm getting mad. I just may transform into the Hulk.

Meneguar is pretty damn close to being "emo", i admit. But they teeter just close enough over to the edge of originality so it's okay. I'll embrace it. They hail from Brooklyn and their singer is not whiny. Meneguar write intelligent songs with building progressions and interesting lyrics. Overall, they ROCK. "Emo" does not rock. See what I'm getting here?

I have seen Meneguar perform once. Yet again, I discovered them at SXSW. What can I say? There were NO BAD BANDS there. I did, however, miss the presence of NECROPHAGIST. Maybe next year. Meneguar rocked out in the backyard a shady mexican bar on a stage that appeared to be held up by old filing cabinets. They were playing "House Of Cats" as we walked in. That stage was later rocked by Die!Die!Die!.

meneguar 1

I attempted to see Meneguar twice when they were recently in Los Angeles and failed. The first attempt failed because the band apparently got lost on the way to the club (Hello Cleveland!) and we got tired of waiting for them. We also grew tired of downing eight dollar beers at the bar of the venue. The second time we wasted too much time dicking around before leaving for the show and were late.

I can relate to the song "House Of Cats", because I live in one. Seriously, I have two cats who shed like crazy, and my entire life seems to be devoted to cleaning up after them. I know this is not what the song is literally about, but to me it is.

Dammit. To ME it is.

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