Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bloodlust Funk

watts 103
  • Charles Wright & The 103rd Street Rhythm Band "Do Your Thing"

  • My first introduction to Charles Wright and the 103rd Street Rhythm Band was at a preview screening of the film "Boogie Nights". In a scene where more suitable music might have been something from the NECROPHAGIST catalogue, William H. Macy's character kills his wife, her lover and consequently himself. Me and my friends were yelling "do it!" as the music built, coming to a tragic end. The music ended abruptly, forcing us to trail off our rants of bloodlust in embarrassment.

    rip littlebill

    Charles Wright & The 103rd Street Rhythm Band "103rd Street Theme"
    Charles Wright & The 103rd Street Rhythm Band "Twenty Five Miles"
    Charles Wright & The 103rd Street Rhythm Band "Ninety Day Cycle People"

    The 103rd Street band (i'm not typing that whole name again) were at the forefront of soul in the late 60s/ early 70s. They're probably best known for the song "Express Yourself", which was sampled by Dr. Dre for the N.W.A. hit of the same name. Leader Charles Wright eventually became their leader, but the band are the true heroes here.

    See if you can't groove during their version of "Twenty Five Miles", i dare you. It's infectious. These are true soul musicians doing what they do best. What started out as a house band for Bill Cosby's comedy recordings (it's true!) evolved into a well oiled soul machine. Ew. That sounded kind of nasty.

    "90 Day Cycle People" has a somewhat complex message for an R&B burner. Wright sings about a race of superhumans who live out a life in just ninety days, with no time for fussing and fighting in between. A utopia is built in place of war and racism. It's rare that you get a science fiction rooted tale of tolerance in a soul song, but at least it's the right message. It could have been about a race of superhumans who obtain a magical gemstone called the "Diorriion" and end up drunk with power, bringing about their own demise. But I digress.

    So the next time you're in a crowded theatre and some young men start screaming for blood, just ignore them. They'll end up regretting it down the line. And how could you blame them? That's just their way of grooving to the funk.


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