Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No more NECROPHAGIST, really.

Here is why I suck at Nintendo. I have never beaten Super Mario Brothers 1, 2, or 3. I can't say I haven't tried. I spent countless hours with my brothers and sisters huddled around a tiny rabbit eared television set in my bedroom going over and over those levels. None of us could ever beat the games. I feel there are those that have video game talent and those who don't It doesn't mean the rest us of us can't enjoy the labors of the Japanese, it just means we'll never be succesful


The Advantage "Solar Jetman-Braveheart Level"

The Advantage "Mega Man 3-Dr. Wiley Stage"

The Advantage is a band that plays ripping versions of Nintendo game music. It's also the name of a special joystick Nintendo led us to believe would give us the upper hand in game play. It was a lie. The Power Glove was a lie too. And the Power Pad soon lost it's appeal to parents hoping their kids would get exercise while playing Nintendo the day some dude figured out you could just hit the buttons with your hands instead of your feet.

The Advantage (the band) consists of members of Hella (you might remember said members of Hella from yesterday's post about The Ladies) and some other band I forget. the name. What really bothered me about never beating an of the Mario games is that every one in the world beat except for me. Even a four year old with a learning disability could fire through that castle at the end and save the princess. Not me, I would get lost and turn to "Duck Tales" in frustration. I could easily beat "Duck Tales". Okay, not easily. It took me four years.

elf titled

The Advantage have two briliant albums under their belt, their self titled debut and 2005's 'Elf-Titled'. They hope to one day cover every Nintendo song ever created. Cheers to them for that, but jeers to them for so easily beating Mario brothers. I mean come ON!

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