Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Their chief export is modular furniture and....


Hakan Hellstrom "Kom Igen Lena"

Hakan Hellstrom "En Midsommarnatts Drom"

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Håkan Hellström is a swedish singer/songwriter I ran across when looking further into Bob Hund. Same type of thing, except I think Håkan is a little less indie rock and a little more top 40 than the Hund. From what I gather he's a superstar in his own country, and big wheel down at the cracker factory as well.

This is the kind of thing I know I would hate, if it was in english. It's pure pop genius, but in America it would have become tripe. Håkan Hellström in the U.S, would have been some American Idol type thing, but I'm beginning to really respect them Swedes.

I didn't need to look up a translation for "En Midsommarnatts Dröm" to know it probably means "A Midsummer Night's Dream". I'm sure the lyrcis are full of rich imagery that i'll never be privvy to because I refuse to learn Swedish. I go as far as the chef, you know, the guy with the poppin corn popping in yr face in 3D! Yes, I'm a jack ass. I wonder if Håkan Hellström has ever eaten Croonchy Stars, the swedish chef's short lived breakfast cereal. He would probably jack me in the stomach if he read this.



Blogger phil said...

That Swedish Chef from the Muppets used to really creep me out when I was a kid, because he was all muppet except for his hands. His hands were human, with long, wiggly fingers.


11:35 AM PDT  
Anonymous Joel said...

Hahaha....you're actually pretty correct in your Hellström-analysis. He was a upperclass-boy from Gothenburg, obsessed with Morrissey, and started out in Broder Daniel, one of the biggest swedish indiebands in the 90's (english lyrics btw). Håkan Hellström simply lost his angst (and indiecred) along the way and went solo to do happy/sunshine "indie-for-the-masses"-pop and sells loads of records. Mainly loved by little girls and middleaged male musicreviewers.

6:58 AM PDT  

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