Monday, May 29, 2006

You'll Just End Up Getting Hurt Again, Gilbert


Gleaming Spires "Are You Ready For The Sex Girls" (slow version)

"We've Got Bush" (movie quote)

[right click to download]

Revenge Of The Nerds is one of my favorite films. Ever. If I had to come up with a top five, it would be hard, but Revenge Of The Nerds would definitely be in there. I think it has something to do with growing up having cable and that was one of the movies that was ALWAYS on. And I watched it every time it was on.


"Revenge Of The Nerds Theme Song"

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But it's story beneath the silly gross out humor is what keeps me coming back to it. I always get a good feeling at the end when they play "We Are The Champions" by Queen. Unless yr a jock douche bag, you should get that feeling. It's like Fuck You Stan Gable! You got what you deserved for trashing the Nerds' house! i'm glad they put liquid heat in yr jocks!


"Nerd Techno Rap (Greek Carnival Performance)"

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John Goodman gives one of his greatest performances as the evil football coach. Near the end of the film, after the Alpha Betas lose the Annual Greek Carnival to the Nerds, losing their control of the Greek Council, the coach gives a stirring speech to his players. I have been known to deliver this very speech word for word at various bars and parties. And it never works unless you run out of the room at the end while screaming "LET'S GET THOSE NERDS!!". Also you have to wait a few minutes before you come back in. If you truly want to be a jackass you'll do it the way I do it.


"Takashi's Song"

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So in honor of Revenge of the Nerds, here are some of my favorite songs and moments from the film. Just stay away from the sequels. They pale in comparison.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

d'you like revenge of the nerds better than meatballs?

9:24 PM PDT  
Blogger dusted21 said...

Revenge of the Nerds is the Citizen Kane of 80s sex romps.

1:09 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

vote for pedro

10:14 PM PST  

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