Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well What's Wrong With Being Sexy?

  • Black Sabbath "You Won't Change Me"

  • [right click to download]

    When I first got into Black Sabbath, I bought this chinsy ass box set called The Ozzy Osbourne Years. I got it because I wanted all their albums, but I definitely didn't want any of that Ronnie James Dio bullshit. I still don't. I was displeased to find that it did NOT contain all their full albums. It was like a "best of" from their first five or six records. It didn't even have "Children Of The Grave"!

    ozzy masterpiece

    Said box set also did not contain Sabbath's last two studio records with Ozzy as their singer, 'Never Say Die!' and 'Technical Ecstasy'. I started to try ad track them down but a friend of mine told me they "sucked shit" (his actual words) and not to waste my time. So i stopped looking for them.

    Cut to years later, I get the Black Sabbath COMPLETE remastered box set, which sounds great by the way, and I've never been a stickler for things that are "remastered" but i could HEAR the difference. So I get to finally get to hear 'Never Say Die!' and 'Technical Ecstasy'. Guess what? My friend was wrong. Neither of theses albums "Suck shit", in fact. Granted they're not as good as the earlier records, but come on. It's still Ozzy Osbourne singing with Black Sabbath. How bad can they be?

    ozzy mug

    So today's mp3 is "You Won't Change Me" off 'Technical Ecstasy'. This song has found its way into almost every playlist I have made since I got the box set. It's a statement song. It's like saying "Here lies David St. Hubbins. And why not?"



    Anonymous Justin said...


    Love your site! Noelle sent it along to me. Anyway, have you heard Peeping Tom yet? I am a HUGE Mike Patton fan, and I think you'd dig it. It's not as "out there" as his stuff with Fantomas, etc. Hope to see you soon...

    4:22 PM PDT  

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