Monday, September 04, 2006

Any Band Containing Kurt Rambis Is Fine By Me

return to cookie mountain

TV On The Radio "Playhouses"

TV On The Radio "Wolf Like Me"

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TV On The Radio is one of those over hyped flavor of the months that if you dig a little deeper than the SPIN magazine article, you'll find that they're actually creative and talented guys. The thing that can truly ruin a good band like this is the press and all the attention that they get. Look what overexposure did to Ben Affleck. Everyone hates that dude now. Although he WAS a douche to begin with.

TV On the Radio hail from New York, and it's all black dudes except for one stocky little white dude who looks like Kurt Rambis (he even wears the sports band glasses!). Guitar player/ vocalist Kyp Malone is a big hulking guy with a huge afro, but he sings with an angelic falsetto. It's not the voice you'd expect to come out of a guy like that. Also on the song "Blind" (off of 2003's 'Young Liars') he sings harmony with lead vocalist Tunde Adebimpe and together I swear to god they sound like Peter Gabriel.

kyp malone

Seeing them perform live is an interesting experience. They're very high energy, but their music is always just slightly off kilter. I think because they look at it in a different way than most of the mainstream. Their latest record, "Return To Cookie Mountain" (which apparently got its name from a Nintendo game, two points for that) features a guest appearance by David Bowie (ten points for that!) and is their "major" label debut.

We'll see how long it takes for the big evil conglomeration that is Interscope Records to exploit TV On The Radio and spit them back out to the curb, but for now let's enjoy the fact that a band as challenging this has a record available on the same Best Buy shelves as Sean Paul, Christina Aguilera and other brainless sure fire record company paydays.


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