Friday, February 01, 2008

Coming From The End To Grab The Sack

I know this is being shared throughout the internets at an annoying rate but I just got too much pleasure from this not to share it with my rabid fanbase (all three of you) on POP ZEUS!

LA Rams Rap Song - Watch more free videos

After the Bears succesfully destroyed all opponents in the 1984/85 season and their Super Bowl Shuffle became a household name (believe it or not it wasn't embarrasing and awful at the time, it was COOL!), other NFL teams started jumping on the bandwagon with their own "rap songs" that boasted their football prowess (a thorough list of videos for these songs can be found at Holy Taco). The Los Angeles Rams' single "Ram It" seems to boast of their sexual prowess in a gay orgy more than being good at football. Seriously. There has never been anything more inadvertently gay than this. Gay is probably not what they were going for, but gay is definitely how it ended up sounding. I'm sure every pro athlete who ever recorded a "rap song" is ashamed of it now, but members of the L.A. Rams are going to choke on their morning protein shake when they see this skeleton from their closet is be re-distributed via the internets.

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