Friday, January 25, 2008

You're Right. I Do Love Metal.


H.I.M. "My Sweet 666"

Recently I did some work for the Finnish doom-rock oufit H.I.M. Its funny how after you hear a song over and over again, what was once something you despised starts to seep through and you begin to appreciate it for what it is. I have to say if "My Sweet 666" had been recorded by almost any band that didn't sell its Bam Margera-sponsored merchandise at a store called Hot Topic in the mall I would have discovered it sooner. That being said, I kind of like His Infernal Majesty now. They put on a great live performance, and even though their music is a little slickly produced and bombastic, I can't deny the catchy vampire hooks of "My Sweet 666". I even went out and bought Razorblade Romance on pink vinyl. Now bats are living in my house. Thanks, H.I.M!

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Blogger moik said...

they always play that song at my jazzersize class at curves.


7:09 PM PST  

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