Friday, December 14, 2007

Live! Live! Live!

spaceland dididi

"Out Of The Blue"


"Maybe: Definitely"

"Ashtray! Ashtray!"

"I Wanna"

"Blue Skies"

You may remember me talking about Die!Die!Die! was performing a weekly residency here in Los Angeles at the Echo. Well, to my squealing, schoolgirl like delight they have released one of their shows as a live album entitled Spaceland & Part Time Punks Present: Die!Die!Die! at the Echo. This is just what the world needs. Despite their recordings being some of the greatest stuff ever put down to tape, the real thrill of Die!Die!Die! lies in their live performances. This searing set of face melting rock with give you an inkling of why I rave about these guys so much. Of course you haven't really experienced it until you've seen lead singer scale a twenty foot wall, fall over it and continue screaming from the other side of it.

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