Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Solamente Un Barracho


Teen Machine "Teen Machine Rap (Teen Machine)"

The Gucci Crew "Sally That Girl"

Homer Simpspon "Mr. Plow Rap"

Uninformed white people have this idea of what rap sounds like. It's usually a very restricted flow that goes something like "I'm so and so and I'm here to say, I'm the rockingest dude in the USA" or some such. You've heard it before. It can maybe be best illustrated by Homer Simpson in his idea for a rap themed Mr. Plow commercial (I'll plow your cow if you have one). I think that this misinformed idea of hip hop comes from rap's early days.

Back when rap was a new art form, MCs were quickly learning how to format it. Looking at it today, early rap almost seems like a novelty. But these artists were growing with leaps and bounds every day. If your only point of reference is going t be "Rapper's Delight", uncreative fools are only going to come up with lame imitations of that song. I recently fell into the luck of acquiring a wonderful licensing comp chock full of hip hop's early days in New York City, as well as many of the breaks that those DJs used in the early days. Although listening to four solid hours of this stuff might get a little old, you can see the progression from what started as simple disco rhymes into what we know as hip hop today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

not barracho: borracho.

white people - ehh!


4:03 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is some great stuff

7:12 PM PST  

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