Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Maintain Your Election


General Election Engines "Before"

General Election Engines "She Believes"

General Election Engines "Out Of Place"

General Election Engines are on the eve of releasing their first full length, No More Blue Star. Being the only blog on earth who has ever had the pleasure of discussing their music, POP ZEUS! is proud to offer up a sample of what promises to be a very solid debut. G.E.E. hails from the south side of Chicago. Mired in a sea of heavy metal and skinhead punk bands, singer/songwriter Pat Winters braves the icy waters with Mountain Goats-esque tales of love and loss.

Easily the catchiest of the bunch, "Before" happens to unfortunately also be the most poorly recorded. Recorded on a boombox tape recorder with the Romeros' Mike Vanderbilt on lead guitar, the song is just infectious enough to be a hit once its properly recorded. Other songs like "Out Of Place" and "She Believes" carry on the "rocking now" lo-fi tradition of G.E.E. heroes such as Guided By Voices.

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