Monday, November 05, 2007

Be More Specific


Band Of Horses "The General Specific"

Band Of Horses seemed to me a band that might not have had staying power the first time I heard them. Sure, "The Funeral" may have been the single of last year, but at the same time they almost seemed like a poor man's My Morning Jacket, and we all know how they turned out.

Their latest release, Cease To Begin, went ahead and shut my big fat moutch. The album is chock full of fantastic pop, moreso even than their last record. "The General Specific" is so happy and catchy that even the first time you hear it you feel like you know it by heart. Band Of Horses know how to do that, because they have a time machine. They played the song to you in your sleep every night for the last five years, so when you hear it now it feels that familiar. Talk about brilliant marketing.

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