Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halfway To A Three Way


Interpol "No I In Threesome"

At first, I avoided Interpol's latest record Our Love To Admire. Its not that I dislike the band; their first record was fantastic and its follow up Antics contained one of my favorite songs ever, "Evil". All the reviews I had read of this new record had been favorable as well. It's just that it seemed to me Interpol wasn't going anywhere. Most of Antics was merely a retread of Turn On The Bright Lights and frankly I expected the same thing. Getting a nudge from hearing their single "Pioneer To The Falls" on the radio a few times (yes, I actually still listen to the radio) I decided to give the new Interpol record a try.

Well its only been a couple days, but I am pleasantly surprised. They don't break a lot of new ground with their sound, which is as always dark and forboding, but their song writing ability has grown immensely. Songs like the aforementioned "Pioneer" and "No I In Threesome" are at the same time beautiful and ominous. So color me impressed. Hey the vinyl copy even came with a cd inside, and that's something I'll always applaud.

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