Thursday, October 04, 2007

That Shit Was Cold Blooded


Rick James "Tell Me (What You Want)" feat. Billy Dee Williams (Cold Blooded, 1983)

If you were looking forward to hearing Lando Calrsian croon alongside Rick James, sorry old fellow, but it appears you may have been misled. All Billy Dee Williams really adds to this standard Rick James sex jam is his bedroom voice. But what a bedroom voice it is! I can understand why Williams was soon tapped to be the pitch man for Colt 45 malt liquor. He could make the polar ice caps melt with that voice. Hey come to think of it, Billy Dee Williams may just be the culprit for global warming. Congress needs to pass a law banning Billy Dee's vocal chords from future use. It may damage his acting career, but- ah, who am I kidding.

As Billy woos his lady friend by talking about the "stars being out" and "watching the galaxy together", I can't help but think that what's really eating away at his soul is that he's longing to be back in his home on Bespin, aka Cloud City. After all, Lobot can't hold down the fort without him forever, and he had to leave just as he was just starting to consider himself a legitimate business man. Plus he probably had a sweet fucking pad up there in the clouds. Much better than hanging around a studio doing blow with Rick James and banging groupies- Well, okay, I guess it could go both ways. Either or, this man's voice is SILK.

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Blogger Vic Arpeggio said...

Calrisian? It's Calrissian! Calrissian! He was the owner of a Tibanna gas mine he won in a game of sabacc? Didn't you read LANDO CALRISSIAN AND THE MIND-HARP OF SAHRU?

oh. i might have said too much.

12:22 AM PDT  

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