Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yes It's True I Got A Big Ole Dick, In Africa I Use It As A Walking Stick


Nat Dove & The Devils "Petey Wheatstraw"

Nat Dove & The Devils "Zombie March"

Nat Dove & The Devils "Loving You"

Nat Dove & The Devils "Steve's Den"

Petey Wheatstraw: The Devil's Son In Law was a 1978 Rudy Ray Moore vehicle in which the Devil offers a man the chance to return to earth if he agrees to be the Anti-Chirst and marry the ugliest bitch on earth, the Devil's daughter. Although a bit incestual if you think about it, but its nevertheless just as funny as any other Moore film. Which exception of Roger Moore of course, who's never really been that funny. Dudley Moore doesn't count, either.

But its the film's soundtrack that really shines. Performed by Nat Dove & The Devils, its blaxploitation funk and r&b that really kicks. It's not as slick as some of the other soundtracks of the time like Superfly or Black Caesar but that's part of its charm. Most of the tracks are instrumentals except for "Loving You" which features Mary Love, a session singer who would later achieve success with Christian influenced soul. My guess is that her work on the Soundtrack to a movie about the Anti-Christ is something she'd like to leave behind her. It also include the instrumental "Steve's Den". What a menacing title!

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Blogger Minna said...

is there any way you could upload these again, can't find Nat Dove & The Devils mp3s in any store, blog or.. well, place! i've got the LP..

2:50 PM PST  

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