Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Trick Question. Lemmy Is God.


Motorhead "Please Don't Touch"

Motorhead has always seemed more like a punk band than a hard rock band to me. Take this cut from 1980's St. Valentine's Day Massacre EP with Girlschool, "Please Don't Touch" for instance. Originally performed by Johnny Kidd, the song has all the swagger of a track by the New York Dolls as well as the Damned. I guess Lemmy is just so metal looking that they always get classified that way. I met Lemmy once at the Rainbow in Los Angeles (by the way, if yr interested in meeting Lemmy yourself, I would go to that place because he is seemingly always there). He was playing the bartop video game with a prostitute on his arm. I feigned interest in the game and asked him how it worked. He explained to me in great detail the rules of the game although I could not for the life of me translate his accent. Really it was just an excuse to say I met the man. Now if you'll excuse me, Lemmy and I are going to play racquetball.

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