Thursday, September 13, 2007

MTV Get Off The Air


Dead Kennedys "MTV Get Off The Air"

Here are some of my thoughts on the recent MTV Music Awards. I'll try to keep it brief instead of going off on a novel length rant.

1. I am never watching MTV again.

2. Not only were most of the "performers" lip syncing, MTV didn't even show their entire performances. Not only that, but the showing I saw was interrupted by picture in pictures of the likes of Dave Grohl, 50 Cent and the Fall Out Boys spewing inane comments about the award show itself. Shockingly, none of them had anything bad to say about Britney Spears' horse tranquilizer fueled performance.

3. Dave Grohl should stop talking to the people at MTV. He should stop appearing on their network and in fact, all other semi talented artists should as well. This of course means that the Fall Out Boys can spend all the time they like on MTV.

4. What in the FUCK was MASTODON doing performing on this show? When has MTV ever played one of their videos? The crowd they performed to seemed confused at best. A bunch of gold digging hoes in black cocktail dresses looking to hook up with T.I. are not going to appreciate MASTODON, MTV.

5. John Norris is STILL ON MTV. I can speculate that the only reason for this is that he has some sort of gay porn blackmail material on several of the higher ups in corporate. Seriously, this guy is like 60 years old and he looks like a dying bird in a skeleton mask. I though MTV was all about good looking young people. and NOTHING ELSE.

6. Kanye West has a serious attention deficit disorder.

7. All of you who respect yourselves should also just stp watching MTV. It's very easy to just program it out of your channel guide, that way you'll never know it was there.

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Blogger Michael said...

who'd you work for if they went off the air, bro?


4:15 PM PDT  
Blogger dusted21 said...

the Oxygen Network, brah

3:19 PM PDT  

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