Thursday, August 23, 2007

If That Cat Right There Doesn't Cool It Man, I Mean It!


Keith Richards "Hate It When You Leave"

So apparently Keith Richards snorted his father's ashes. Or didn't. Really I don't care, because this guy has been holding the Stones down for years. Imagine if Keef left the band and we were left with only Mick holding the bag. It would suck ass. This dude really is the coolest person in the world. He's an old ass man who's been cheating death for years, he still ingests hard drugs and chicks still want to bang him even though he looks like Skeletor. Keef is also the only Stone who has ever made good solo records. Take 1992's Main Offender for instance. Much better than She's The Boss or Monkey Grip. I hear Mick Jagger is coming out with a solo greatest hits album. What the hell is going to be on it besides his gay-off with David Bowie?


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