Sunday, August 12, 2007

Don't Make Me Run! I'm Full Of Chocolate!!

Due largely in part to the recent release of the simpsons movie, i've been seeing a variety of top ten simpsons lists all over the interwebs. never one to be outshined in my dorkitude, i thought i'd throw together my own top five. keep in mind these are subject to change about every ten minutes or so, except for the number one. that one will always reign SUPREME.

5. Max Power

Ed Begley Jr "I've designed a vehicle thats less harmful to mother earth. Its a go-cart that runs on my own sense of self-satisfaction."

4. The Movementarians

Marge "Do you love the leader more than your very own HOVER-BIKES?"
Bart Lisa and Maggie rush to ride their new hover-bikes, which quickly fall out of the air.
Bart "But we saw them hovering!"
Flanders steps out of the closet "I'm afraid i had a smal part to play in this little charade"
he blows into a comb with a piece of paper attached that replicates the "hover-bike" sound

3. Mark Hammill/Homer becomes Mayor Quimby's bodyguard

mark hammill IS nathan detroit, pepper steak IS the entree

solely for the sign outside the dinner theatre that says 'Mark Hammill IS Nathan Detroit. Pepper Steak IS the entree'.

2. Homer borrows money from Patty & Selma

this one has too many hilarious moments to mention, but a favorite of mine is Homer's dream that he invents some sort of miracle product to make him rich.
Homer "yeah but can i just take a look at it?
Board Member "Ha ha ha! Now why would YOU need to see it? You're the genius who invented the product in question!"

1. Lisa plays Hockey

the best. ever. about a million laughs in this one, including my favorite ever simpsons moment where Homer tells Bart and Lisa "Bart's team is playing Lisa's team this weekend! You're in direct competition with each other. And don't you go easy just because you're brother and sister! I want to see you fighting for you're parent's LOVE!!! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! (as he obnoxiously flips the lights on and off.


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