Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stay in Barcelona


Sometimes hatred is more notable than love. I attended Lollapalooza last weekend in Chicago. I saw a bunch of pretty good live music, and I figured it would be a good opportunity to find something to write about for this site. Well, I was right. Though it would be nice, and healthier, to write on one of the several good bands I saw: Muse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ben Harper, ect. I'm gonna go ahead and warn you guys about THE WORST FUCKING BAND OF ALL TIME!!!

I'm From Barcelona. I'm From fucking Barcelona. Never have I had a greater urge to rush a stage and kick the shit out of a lead singer. I swear to god, the guy sounded exactly like Dr. Nick Rivera, except Dr. Nick made a whole lot more sense. This moustachioed hippy prick yammered on and on about throwing imaginary cassettes to the crowd, and how he wants to live on the playstation stage at lollapalooza forever with all his wonderful friends. I was not his friend. I should have been warned by a dude in a Bears jersey who passed us near the stage and uttered, "oh no, it's that fucking "love" band.

These guys performed songs about living in a treehouse, loving everybody, and how they are from Barcelona. (they are from Sweden) Their fucking "somber" tune is about having fucking chicken pox. All the while dancing around the stage like a way gayer version of Up With People. Oh yeah, one dude was dressed like a gay teddy bear.

Yeah, I know, the music's catchy and it's all in good fun. No it fucking isn't. This was torture. If you like I'm From Barcelona, you are an asshole. Enjoy.



Blogger Vic Arpeggio said...

The lead singer looks distressingly like John C. Holmes.

7:25 AM PDT  

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