Monday, August 13, 2007

Pitchfork Fest '07, Saturday 7/14

Saturday 7/14


The Twilight Sad "That Summer At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy"

The Twilight Sad kicked off the festivities on Saturday and they were quite good. I never realized that Jonah Ray played bass in a Scottish shoegaze band. I skipped Ken Vandermark to watch Califone's set (preceded by an embarrasingly sycophantic intro by the festival's MC), and due to already being pretty hung over they lulled me half to sleep. The next hour or so was kind of a bust. I spent most of my time at the Boost Mobile tent charging my cell phone because I had left my charger in LA. I missed William Parker, Grizzly Bear, Voxtrot and Beach House. No big loss in my opinion. After several beers and an over the phone meet and greet with The Twilight Sad in the phone tent (it turns out that dude wasn't Jonah Ray after all) I caught the end of Battles' set. It was alright but it didn't quite translate given the setting. Its not like I was expecting Blue Oyster Cult at Donnington Castle but it was just hard to pay attention.


It was around this time that I decided to stake my position in front of the stage Mastodon was playing. This was the band that was the deal breaker for me coming to this concert in the first place so I wanted to make sure I was right up front. I conversed with several other Mastodon fans during Iron & Wine's set and the consensus seemed to be that they sucked. What do you expect from a bunch of metal fans?

Mastodon opened their set with "Iron Tusk" and proceeded to kick the holy fuck out of all hipsters in attendance. I sweated my balls off and banged my head until my neck was sore as they tore through their catalogue of complex and heavy metal ballbusters. I marveled at drummer Brann Dailor's uncanny ability to be at every part of his set at once as well as his mastery and prowess. Fucking PROWESS.

Clipse "What's Up"

After Mastodon I needed a break. I hung out at the edge of the crowd while Clipse tore up the next stage. If I hadn't been so disgusting from the human tidal wave that was Mastodon's set I probably would have been right in there for Clipse's rousing set. Clipse does hip hop right. Just the two of them, performing with passion rather than confusion. Trying to get to the third smaller stage to see Dan Deacon was like trying to get into a Led Zeppelin show at the Forum without tickets. I had no idea this dude was so popular. I was so far back in the crowd I couldn't see or hear anything, but apparently his set garnered a shut down by the fire marshall. The same occurred during Girl Talk's set, which was equally impossible to infiltrate. I ended up watching a bit of Cat Power (who looks like a high fashion model these days) and leaving just before Yoko Ono began her caterwauling. About 10,000 other people seemed to have the same idea.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've never heard the twilight sad before but i would sure like to! why? because that guy wears a hooded sweatshirt while playing. COOOL!!!



2:14 PM PDT  
Blogger dusted21 said...

yeah plus it was BALLS hot out that day

2:48 PM PDT  

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