Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Always Crush Me


Menomena "Wet And Rusting"

Menomena impressed me at July's Pitchfork Festival even though the only song I was familiar with at the time was "Wet And Rusting" from their latest offering Friend And Foe. So much in fact that I went right out and bought the vinyl pressing of their LP. The good thing about this is that it came with a free mp3 download of the record so I can have it in my precious iTunes as well.

I've been doing this a lot lately. So I'd like to take this opportunity to relay a message to Prince and (the estate of) Rick James: re-issue your entire back catalog on vinyl and include free mp3 downloads along with it. Also to Prince: your leftover tuna salad sandwich is still in my fridge and its starting to get stinky. I know you said not to throw it out but enough is enough. Come get it or its going in the trash.

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